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Get OneNote Recovery Toolbox and evaluate the ease of OneNote file recovery on virtually any PC in the network
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20 February 2013

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This tool helps recover data from corrupted OneNote files.

OneNote Recovery Toolbox helps recover corrupted data, notes and records from corrupted OneNote files. OneNote helps capture personal thoughts, important reminders, etc. Thus any data corruption can hit you badly. Worst part is, it can hit you anytime; there are so many reasons it can happen. Regular backups can help. But, depending on its frequency, you can lose significant amount of data, if you did a lot of work in the intervening period. In such cases, a good recovery tool is the answer. The tool provides a simple interface. Thus, just about any user is able to manage the operation. You simply start by selecting the file and then ask the tool to analyze the file. The program will find all recoverable information and save the same into disk files. The user need not understand the OneNote file structure; this tool will take care of that to analyze the file properly.

Objects in the file are recovered as separate files. After the analysis is completed you can decide the items to be saved or simply choose to save them all. After OneNote Recovery Toolbox saves the files you can view the statistics about the complete recovery process. After this you can go to the previous page on the interface and start over with another file. During trial, however, you could not save the data items. You need a licensed product for that. You will be able to find out if the recovery process is working properly anyway. This is a good product and can be tried out if you need a tool for this kind of recovery.

Publisher's description

Pay attention to OneNote Recovery Toolbox and get this program on your PC if you encounter some kind of data corruption issues, affecting the integrity of ONE files. The size of OneNote Recovery Toolbox is very small so it can be used on any PC regardless its system configuration, please open the website of application developer and get the setup file of OneNote Recovery Toolbox on your PC, it can be done within several seconds due to the small size of OneNote repair program. Now you may simply follow the guidelines of selected data recovery tool and proceed to the restore of corrupted documents. Please note that OneNote Recovery Toolbox provides a friendly user interface, unified with other data recovery applications, developed by this company so you should not encounter any difficulties. After the installation of ONE repair program you may use the shortcut of OneNote Recovery Toolbox and follow its guidelines, it is really clear, out users do not usually have any questions during this stage. As for the rest, all settings of data recovery engine are not available for modification, it is fully automated therefore you may concentrate on other tasks. First of all, you should select any file of ONE format located on your own computer or remotely, on any other PC in the local area network of your organization. Secondly, you may use the open file button and select any document of OneNote supported format to be processed, there are no additional limitations regarding the size of input file and other restrictions. Click the Next button when ready and wait until the analysis of corrupted ONE document is successfully completed, otherwise the parsing of OneNote file should be restarted. You may install OneNote Recovery Toolbox on any PC regardless its performance without the loss of data recovery efficiency. However, it is recommended that you install it on more powerful computers to improve the time of data processing.
OneNote Recovery Toolbox
OneNote Recovery Toolbox
Version 2.0
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